Kristin Carswell – 805.748.4185

Kristin 1Having been raised in San Luis Obispo, Kristin’s witnessed, her own personal advancements alongside the evolution of what once was a small town. Kristin has attended the school system in SLO including Cal Poly University, and been involved in the business world, making her privy to the benefits of living in the central coast.

Kristin’s seen SLO’s transformation from the quaint, quiet hamlet into what is now openly declared “The Happiest Place in the U.S.” It is her gift and mission to be able to help others experience everything San Luis Obispo has to offer. Kristin’s personal knowledge regarding homes relative to the best schools, restaurants, shopping and recreational areas make her the ideal real estate agent. Realizing that the first place to start in understanding the central coast, what truly makes it extra ordinary, is nestling into that perfect home. Kristin has the knack and intuition for achieving that goal by meeting the wants and needs of her clients.

By listening to her clients, being attentive, staying updated on market matters, and making her clients best interest a top priority, Kristin Carswell’s qualities are what make her an exceptional realtor.



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