Gerry Carnahan – 805.400.9839

Gerry is happy to be associated with the leading independent brokerage in this area, Patterson Realty. In his role with Patterson, Gerry uses the tools he has honed over his 35+ year career to make the selling or buying experience for his clients easier and less stressful.

Gerry’s experience includes:

Real Estate Sales and Leasing
Real Estate Lending
National Level Sales Management.
With this experience, Gerry shares his creative marketing and sales skills with his clients. Skills that help Homeowners sell their homes quickly with the fewest problems and net the most money possible. Additionally, Buyers find Gerry’s attention to detail helps them enjoy the best value from their real estate transaction.

At his core Gerry believes that you should be treated honestly and with respect. He should be considered the best professional for your next foray into real estate.

Give Gerry a call and make some time to have a friendly conversation about your plans.

Civic Service

Board Member, Phoenix Mountain Preservation Council. This grassroots organization helped the City of Phoenix raise awareness about the importance of preserving open space in that fast growing city. These efforts translated into a successful $40,000,000 bond issue that enabled the city to purchase the majority of the hillsides that were still undeveloped and insure significant open space would always be available for both residents and wildlife.

Past President, Cambria Rotary Club

Singer, San Luis Obispo Vocal Arts Ensemble

Past Treasurer, San Luis Obispo Children’s Choir

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